SketchPaint turns virtually any smooth flat surface into a writable dry-erase area for work or play; creating multifunctional surfaces in the home, office or classroom.

Product Details

Create Whiteboard areas without the size and shape limitations of a traditional whiteboard. Simply paint SketchPaint straight onto walls, doors, cupboards; just about anywhere with a smooth flat surface.

SketchPaint is available in both a traditional WHITE finish or a TRANSPARENT finish that can be painted on top of any colour of your choice, or even wood, to match or compliment existing decor.

Combine SketchPaint with MagnetPaint for a magnetic writeable surface.

  • SketchPaint on a bedroom wall
  • SketchPaint transparent over a blue wall
  • SketchPaint on a childrens bedroom wall
  • SketchPaint Close up writing
  • SketchPaint kitchen list
  • SketchPaint girl doing maths
  • SketchPaint Home Office
  • Scribble wall no sketchpaint
  • SketchPaint being installed
  • SketchPaint in Kitchen
  • SketchPaint in an office
  • Sketchpaint transparent over grey office walls
  • SketchPaint over purple walls
  • SketchPaint noughts and crosses
  • SketchPaint Teamwork

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SketchPaint?

SketchPaint is a dry-wipe paint. It is a waterborne, two compartment, PU acrylic dispersion topcoat that can transform almost any surface into a dry-wipe area.

What colour is SketchPaint?

SketchPaint is available in White and Transparent. Transparent SketchPaint can be used over any existing colour wall, door or board you have within your home, school or office to turn any area into a dry-wipe surface.

Can I change the colour of SketchPaint or tint it?

SketchPaint should never be combined with another paint product. As SketchPaint is available in Transparent you can use that to paint over your existing décor and have a dry-wipe surface which is a colour of your choice.

What size tins are available and what is the area they cover?

The 0.5 Litre Tin of White or Transparent covers approximately 3m² with one coat. The 1.0 Litre Tin of White or Transparent covers approximately 6m² with one coat.

What should I do before I begin to apply SketchPaint?

Prepare your surface well; a clean, dust-free, solid, smooth area will give a better base for SketchPaint. If the SketchPaint is to be applied onto an untreated surface, such as wood, we recommend that you apply a primer or base coat first. SketchPaint comes in two parts; separate the small tin from the large tin. Empty the contents from the small tin into the large tin. If necessary, dilute with a maximum of 3% water. Mix the paint thoroughly with a stirring stick and leave to stand for 5 minutes until most of the air bubbles have disappeared. For full instructions please refer to the ‘TO USE’ section of the SketchPaint Leaflet.

How should SketchPaint be applied?

SketchPaint is best applied in one coat using a sponge roller which can be cleaned with soap and water after use. Apply SketchPaint within one hour of mixing as the paint does harden quickly. PLEASE NOTE: THE PAINT WILL BE TOUCH DRY AFTER 24 HOURS; HOWEVER PLEASE ALLOW 5 DAYS BEFORE WRITING ON THE SKETCH PAINT WITH DRY WIPE MARKERS TO ENSURE THE PAINT HAS FULLY CURED.

Which dry-wipe markers are best to use with SketchPaint?

For best results we recommend using SketchPaint Dry Wipe Markers but any good quality dry wipe pens can be used. Avoid poor-quality pens that can contain some permanent ink blends as they will mark your Sketch Paint

How do I clean the area I have painted with SketchPaint?

As SketchPaint is a dry-wipe paint, cleaning with a soft cloth should be sufficient. However, any stubborn marks can be cleaned with SketchPaint Cleaner Spray. Cleaning with our Cleaner Spray regularly will also keep your dry-wipe surface looking neat and bright.

Is SketchPaint safe to use in my home, school or office?

SketchPaint is a waterborne, two compartment, PU acrylic dispersion topcoat that is safe for use indoors; it is low on odour, and complies with European Safety Regulations for Children’s Toys (EN71-73) and has 0% VOC.

When will I receive my order?

SketchPaint is usually kept in stock and available for immediate shipment. To check current availability please contact us

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