Powerful Products. Powerful combinations.

If you want a writable surface only, Blackboard paint or SketchPaint products can be used on walls, desktops, doors, or any other flat surface to create a write-on / wipe-off surface.

SketchPaint White gives you that traditional school whiteboard look, whilst SketchPaint Transparent allows you to tailor your writable surface to be whatever colour you desire. Match or compliment the existing décor, create colourful rainbow whiteboards, of any shape and size.

Blackboard paint is available in traditional black finish or a choice of bright colours.

You can also layer these writable paints with MagnetPaint or MagnetPlaster to create surfaces that will accept magnetic attachments as well. No more blue-tac, nails or pins. Stick notes, photos or artwork to the walls with the power of attraction. You can also use these paints to resurface existing whiteboards and blackboards if they need a new lease of life.