BeamerPaint turns any smooth flat surface into a high-quality presentation wall suitable for projection.

Product Details

With BeamerPaint you have everything to create a matte, bright white and reflective surface that is ideal for video projection. Whether an office wall needs to be transformed into a presentation screen, or a living room needs to be converted into a home cinema use BeamerPaint for an optimal and sharp projection.

BeamerPaint is a two-part paint product designed for professionals. It can be easily applied onto any smooth surface to transform the area into a high-quality presentation wall suitable for projection. Perfect for use in meeting rooms & training rooms as well as creating bespoke home cinema experiences for the residential customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BeamerPaint?

BeamerPaint is a specialist paint that transforms a smooth surface into a high quality projection area. Not limited by size and shape, BeamerPaint can be applied to the surface and the finish is a hard surface perfect for video projection.

Who is BeamerPaint for?

BeamerPaint is perfect for use in offices, meeting rooms, training rooms and in high-end home cinema environments. BeamerPaint should be professionally installed.

What colour is BeamerPaint?

BeamerPaint consists of a WHITE primer and a finish. After applying two layers of BeamerPaint Primer, the surface has to be optimised with our BeamerPaint Finish. This finish provides a hard but smooth top layer, which makes the projection sharp and rich in contrast.

What should I do before I begin to apply BeamerPaint?

Before the projector paint can be applied, the surface must be stable (weight bearing), dry and clean. The subsurface must comply with the requirements set for gypsum substrates (level 4), or at least with a comparable classification. Please read all the installation instructions carefully.

How should BeamerPaint be applied?

The paint can easily be applied with a paint roller. The primer must dry for at least 5 to 6 hours after the first layer has been applied. Before the finish can be applied, the same drying time must be allowed. Rollers and paint trays which have been used can easily be cleaned with water immediately after using BeamerPaint.

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