About Us

CleverPaint Ltd is the UK and Ireland distributor for MagPaint Europe products. We are passionate about these exciting products and are proud to work with this fantastic producer based in the east of the Netherlands.

MagPaint Europe offers a varied range of smart and decorative paints with a function. Our products turn plain surfaces into something much more special, to encourage creativity, collaboration and fun! For over eighteen years, MagPaint Europe has been the innovative global market leader in (ferro) magnetic wall paint and now have an expanded range to include top-quality writable and special effect paints. All products are environmentally friendly and safe. 

Our product range includes magnetic paint & plaster, blackboard paints in a range of quirky colours, SketchPaint whiteboard paint and special effect paints such as BeamerPaint projection paint, glow-in-the-dark GlowPaint and Greenscreen paints for filmmakers and Vloggers.

Our Products

We sell our products under two brands: MagPaint for the DIY market and Paint for Pros which is designed for the professional painting market.

MagPaint branded DIY products are all paints that your customers can easily apply at home. They are certified, safe to use and water-based.

The Paint for Pros branded versions are designed for the trade professional market. They are typically offered in larger quantity tin sizes for bigger projects, as well as extra quality for the professionals in some ranges.

MagPaint products are premium products currently sold in more than 60 countries worldwide and we are proud to provide these specialist paints to the UK and Ireland markets.

Our Story

We first came across MagPaint products through Kidicraft Ltd back in 2013. As a supplier of presentation & audio visual products we were interested in the SketchPaint dry erase whiteboard paint which we saw at the educational show BETT in London. We tried the paint out - loved the quality, and started to list the product on our website.

We saw a lot of success supplying the paint to the commercial sector. Kidicraft rebranded the sale of the products under the company name MagnaMuros Ltd as they separated the ranges away from their main products - toys and puzzles.

Fast forward 8 years and in 2021 an opportunity came up to take over the contract with MagPaint Europe in Holland to supply these fantastic products in the UK and Ireland, as Kidicraft decided to focus on their core product ranges.

Being huge fans of the products, and having now acquired 8 years experience selling the products, we felt we were a good fit to acquire the business, and Kidicraft and MagPaint both agreed! We operated as MagnaMuros Ltd for 12 months for continuity, whilst we got to know the MagnaMuros customers and find our feet within the UK painting and decorating industry.

In 2022 we relaunched our company as CleverPaint Ltd and we look forward to continuing the supply of MagPaint and Paint for Pros ranges for many years to come.

We would like to thank the UK stockists for their continued support and look forward to seeing the product ranges on even more shelves in the future! We love to hear stories of how the products are being used so please share your experiences with us.

Meet The Team

  • Lesley Mitchell


    As Sales Director, Lesley oversees the sales operations and creates the sales strategies for growth within the uk and Ireland. Lesley is responsible for designing plans to meet targets, developing relationships with customers, and evaluating potential new stockists.

  • Elizabeth Downing


    Elizabeth is responsible for import and distribution as well as e-commerce and marketing functions. She oversees the general running of the business directing the company's operations to make sure it achieves its objectives effectively and efficiently.

  • Graham Mitchell


    With 30 years experience in the Audio Visual industry Graham is also involved in the strategic decision making and planning for CleverPaint and is a major share-holder in the business, whilst not taking an active role in operations currently.

  • Alex Downing


    As a non-executive director, Alex’s function in the business is currently limited and is not closely involved in day-to-day activities. Alex takes part in the planning and policy-making process and challenges the executive directors to come up with decisions and solutions that are in the best interest of the company.

  • Danielle Brown


    Danielle is responsible for receiving and processing enquiries and sale orders via phone and email. Her duties include providing advice on products, checking the accuracy of orders, maintaining sales records, preparing marketing materials and updating and maintaining social media.

  • Hayley Gaskell


    Hayley’s responsibilities include maintaining updated records of invoices and receipts, credit control, reviewing and reconciling accounts, processing payments to external partners, assisting with audits or fact-checking, and preparing budgets and reports.