About Us

Rustins Ltd is the UK and Ireland distributor for MagPaint Europe products. We are passionate about these exciting products and are proud to work with this fantastic producer based in the east of the Netherlands.

MagPaint Europe offers a varied range of smart and decorative paints with a function. Our products turn plain surfaces into something much more special, to encourage creativity, collaboration and fun! For over eighteen years, MagPaint Europe has been the innovative global market leader in (ferro) magnetic wall paint and now have an expanded range to include top-quality writable and special effect paints. All products are environmentally friendly and safe. 

Our product range includes magnetic paint & plaster, blackboard paints in a range of quirky colours, SketchPaint whiteboard paint and special effect paints such as BeamerPaint projection paint, glow-in-the-dark GlowPaint and Greenscreen paints for filmmakers and Vloggers.

Our Products

We sell our products under two brands: MagPaint for the DIY market and Paint for Pros which is designed for the professional painting market.

MagPaint branded DIY products are all paints that your customers can easily apply at home. They are certified, safe to use and water-based.

The Paint for Pros branded versions are designed for the trade professional market. They are typically offered in larger quantity tin sizes for bigger projects, as well as extra quality for the professionals in some ranges.

MagPaint products are premium products currently sold in more than 60 countries worldwide and we are proud to provide these specialist paints to the UK and Ireland markets.