SketchPro is a revolutionary 1-component whiteboard paint designed for professionals.

Product Details

SketchPro is a solvent-based dry erase whiteboard paint designed for professional use.

Unlike SketchPaint and other whiteboard paints (which are two-part formula) this product is a one-component paint that can be quickly and easily applied to any flat surface to create a whiteboard area.

The unique composition makes SketchPro significantly smoother than other whiteboard paints, and has a super fast 24 hour curing time and long-lasting dry erase effect.

Once cured the super smooth surface can then be written on with whiteboard markers and will wipe clean.

Available in a transparent high gloss finish, SketchPro can be applied over a white SketchPaint primer for a traditional WHITE effect, or painted over any colour of your choice, or even wood, to match or compliment existing décor.

  • Solvent-based paint
  • Spreads little to no odour
  • Use with SketchPaint Primer
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Cures in 24 hours
  • Provides a durable and strong surface with long-lasting easy-to-clean effect
  • SketchPRO applied board in office
  • SketchPro Classroom use
  • SketchPro on a column
  • SketchPro on a concrete wall
  • SketchPro dentist
  • SketchPro Glassroom
  • SketchPro Gym
  • SketchPro Hospital
  • SketchPro Meeting Room
  • SketchPro Office
  • SketchPro in booths
  • SketchPro basement

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SketchPro?

SketchPro is a dry-wipe whiteboard paint designed for professional use. It is a revolutionary one-part solvent based paint that has a super fast cure time, and can transform almost any surface into a dry-wipe area.

What’s the difference compared to the two pack SketchPaint?

The main differences are that SketchPro is a single component paint rather than a two-part formula. Due to its unique composition, SketchPro makes the surface much smoother than other whiteboard paints after hardening. Much better to write on and easier to clean.SketchPro can be used straight out of the container. After use, the container can easily be closed again, so you can use the rest of the paint at a later time.The paint is Solvent based rather water-based, although it is still virtually odourless and safe to use.

What colour is SketchPro?

SketchPro is Transparent and can be used over any existing colour wall, door or board you have within your home, school or office to turn any area into a dry-wipe surface.

Can I change the colour of SketchPaint or tint it?

SketchPro should never be combined with another paint product. As SketchPro is Transparent you can use that to paint over your existing décor and have a dry-wipe surface which is a colour of your choice.

What size tins are available and what is the area they cover?

The 250ml Tin covers approximately 3m² with one coat. The 500ml Litre Tin covers approximately 6m² with one coat and the 1.0 Litre tin covers approximately 12m² with one coat.

What should I do before I begin to apply SketchPro?

Prepare your surface well; a clean, dust-free, solid, smooth area will give a better base for SketchPro. We recommend that you apply the SketchPaint Primer first as a base coat. This product has been developed specifically for use with Paint for Pros SketchPro.

How should SketchPro be applied?

The paint can be easily sprayed or applied with a short-haired fleece roller and can be written on after 24 hours of drying.

Which dry-wipe markers are best to use with SketchPro?

For best results we recommend using SketchPaint Dry Wipe Markers but any good quality dry wipe pens can be used. Avoid poor-quality pens that can contain some permanent ink blends as they will mark your Sketch Paint.

How do I clean the area I have painted with SketchPro?

As SketchPaint is a dry-wipe paint, cleaning with a soft cloth should be sufficient. However, any stubborn marks can be cleaned with SketchPaint Cleaner Spray. Cleaning with our Cleaner Spray regularly will also keep your dry-wipe surface looking neat and bright.

Is SketchPaint safe to use in my home, school or office?

SketchPro is a solvent-based paint and designed for professional installation but contains very few solvents and is safe to use and omits very low odours. Non Hazadous and Complies with European Safety Regulations.

When will I receive my order?

SketchPro is usually kept in stock and available for immediate shipment. To check current availability please contact us

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