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BeamerPaint 2L + 1L Kit (8m²)

BeamerPaint 2L + 1L Kit (8m²)


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Project without limits!

BeamerPaint turns any smooth flat surface into a high-quality presentation wall suitable for projection.

With BeamerPaint you have everything to create a matte, bright white and reflective surface that is ideal for video projection. Whether an office wall needs to be transformed into a presentation screen, or a living room needs to be converted into a home cinema use BeamerPaint for an optimal and sharp projection.

BeamerPaint is a two-part paint product designed for professionals. It can be easily applied onto any smooth surface to transform the area into a high-quality presentation wall suitable for projection. Perfect for use in meeting rooms & training rooms as well as creating bespoke home cinema experiences for the residential customer.

BeamerPaint is a two-part paint product designed for professionals.

  • BeamerPaint contains minimum volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Adequate for professional use within health and safety requirements
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Hard top layer perfect for projection of images
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Product Details

What's In The Tin?

BeamerPaint is a two-part paint product designed for professionals. It is a combination of two high-quality water-based indoor wall paints based on acrylic binders. BeamerPaint is applied in four layers; two coats of BeamerPaint base and two coats of BeamerPaint finish. It is odourless, non-toxic and lead-free.

The two layers optimise the surface to provide a hard but smooth layer which makes projection sharp and rich in contrast.

Approx. coverage as follows:

 Tin Size Coverage
2.0L BeamerPaint Primer + 1.0L BeamerPaint Finish 8m²


How To Install?

BeamerPaint Base and Finish can both be applied with a velour paint roller for water-based paints. On larger surfaces, the undiluted paint can be applied using Wagner XVLP spray technology. It is applied easily in a total of four layers.

Before the projector paint can be applied, the surface must be stable (weight-bearing), dry and clean. The subsurface must comply with the requirements set for gypsum substrates (level 4), or at least with a comparable classification.

The surface should be solid, clean, dry, and free of grease, dust and rust. Remove loose coats of paint and clean old coats of paint with a paint cleaner. Fill up any cracks and holes with a suitable filler and lightly sand the surface. Remove any fat, dirt and dust present with water and ammonia. If possible, sponge with clean water and let it dry well. Wallpaper to be painted must be firmly attached. BeamerPaint can be applied directly to wood and stone surfaces. For other surfaces, a suitable primer is advised.

Stir the Base Paint well, and start by applying two layers of Base. The primer must dry for at least 5 to 6 hours after the first layer has been applied. Apply the paint in long overlapping lanes from top to bottom. Before the finish can be applied allow at least 5 to 6 hours drying time. 

Stir the Finish well, and apply two layers of finish with an interval time of 1 hour. The application technique is the same as for the Base. After applying the entire paint system, the surface should not be sanded, for it will destroy the visual effect.

BeamerPaint is ready to use as soon as the last layer of Finish has dried. 

This product is aimed at the trade professional market only.  

Download the Technical Data Sheet

Safety & Environmental Data

BeamerPaint is a two-part paint product designed for professionals.

BeamerPaint is odourless, no-toxic and lead free. EU VOC limit value for this product (2004/42/EC, cat aWB, 2010): 30 g/L. BeamerPaint contains 0 g/L VOC. BeamerPaint Finish is in conformity with EN 71-3 and ROHS Contains no substances classified as; carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic or classified with regard to environmental hazards, according to Regulation (EC) N0. 1272/2008. BeamerPaint is free of formaldehyde, APEO, lead and asbestos.

Download the Safety Data Sheet - BeamerPaint BASE & Safety Data Sheet - BeamerPaint Finish