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Blackboard Paint 0.5L Green (5m²)

Blackboard Paint 0.5L Green (5m²)


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MagPaint Blackboard Paint is a high-quality, water-based paint that can be used on almost any smooth surface to create a chalkboard of any size or shape. Perfect for use within offices, schools, homes, on full walls, cupboard doors, tabletops… anywhere you require a chalkboard surface.

Blackboard paint is ideal for any project needing an extra touch of creativity, or to add dual functionality to your desired space. Paint a single wall or an entire room, the paint dries quickly and is available in traditional black, or several other bright colours for a fun finish. This version has a Green finish.

Blackboard Paints are water-based paints with no added VOC’s. Contains no solvents and is virtually odourless. Easy to apply, quick drying and safe to use. Touch dry within 30 minutes and ready to use after 24 hours. Create a writable surface in just one coat.

Chalk is easily removed with a soft cloth or duster.

If you want a magnetic and chalkboard surface this can also be used in conjunction with Magnetpaint magnetic primer. Simply treat the wall with the MagnetPaint first and apply the Blackboard Paint over the top.

  • Water-based paint, easy and safe to use in every room.
  • Certified according to strict European legislation.
  • Pair with MagnetPaint for a magnetic writable surface
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Product Details

What's In The Tin?

Blackboard Paint is a high-quality indoor water-based acrylic paint with good coverage and washability. It is odourless, non-toxic, lead-free, VOC free and contributes to a clean indoor environment due to its formaldehyde-capturing technology.

The paint is a thick consistency and dries with a Green chalkboard surface suitable for writing on with chalk markers. Can be written on / wiped off as required.

Apply 1-2 layers of Blackboard Paint. Coverage depends on the state of the surface and application method. For one layer coverage as follows:

 Tin Size Coverage
0.5L 5m²

 * Based on one coat

How To Install?

Blackboard Paint can be applied with a short-haired finish roller for water-based paints.

The surface should be solid, clean, dry and free of grease, dust and rust. Remove loose coats of paint and clean old coats of paint with a paint cleaner. Fill up any cracks and holes with a suitable filler and lightly sand the surface. Remove any fat, dirt and dust present with water and ammonia. If possible, sponge with clean water and let it dry well. Wallpaper to be painted must be firmly attached. Blackboard paint can be applied directly to wood and stone surfaces. For other surfaces, a suitable primer is advised. For products that have to be written on a smooth and even surface is critical.

Stir the paint well, and apply one or two coats as required. For a beautiful end result, apply the paint in long lanes from top to bottom and re-rolll in one direction. Apply 1-2 layers of Blackboard Paint. For better adhesion lightly scuff up the surface between the layers of paint with a scouring pad, properly dust off the surface and let the dust in the air settle before you continue. Blackboard paint is touch-dry in 30 minutes, 6 hours should be left before a second coat is applied if needed. The final layer should be allowed to fully cure for 3 full days prior to writing on the wall.

Watch the instruction video:

Download the Technical Data Sheet

Safety & Environmental Data

Blackboard Paint is a high-quality water-based paint which is a safe and environmentally friendly product that meets international environmental standards and EU directives.

A water-borne latex paint; no unpleasant odours, VOC free and easy to apply which achieves the standard (BS EN 71-3: 1995) for a child-friendly paint.

Download the Safety Data Sheet