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Paint for Pros

Paint for Pros MagnetPlaster 10L (10m²)

Paint for Pros MagnetPlaster 10L (10m²)


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MagnetPlaster is an award-winning, premium-quality plaster that gives a smooth finish in one layer. MagnetPlaster is made up of synthetic resin, fine fillers and metal powder but contains no softeners or volatile solvents. It is a dark grey colour, but you can use it invisibly as a primer, and paint over the top with any colour.

  • Smooth results in one coat
  • Three times the magnetic strength of MagnetPaint
  • Easy to apply on large and small surfaces
  • Contains no VOC and is odourless
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Product Details

What's In The Tin?

MagnetPlaster can be used indoors on any load-bearing surface on which a ferrous magnetic surface is desired. Presentations, decorations or notes can be fixed to the plaster layer with (neodymium) magnets without having to screw, nail or drill into the surface.

MagnetPlaster comprises synthetic resin, fine fillers and metal powder which gives it its magnetically receptive properties.

MagnetPlaster is a high-performance product designed for professional installation. One layer of MagnetPlaster (1 mm) has more magnetic strength than three layers of ordinary magnetic paint (0.7 mm).

Coverage as follows:

 Tub Size Tub Weight Coverage
10L 25Kg 10m²

How To Install?

To apply MagnetPlaster, use a trowel, top plate, plaster sponge and sanding board with sponge.

The substrate must be clean, dry, grease-free and load-bearing. Remove all loose parts and make the surface dust-free, remove wallpaper completely. Fill holes and cracks with a filler and apply Quartz Primer. Leave to dry for 4 hours.

MagnetPlaster should be applied in a paint-ready manner. Stir the MagnetPlaster well. Lay MagnetPlaster with the trowel on the top plate.

Use a trowel to apply the MagnetPlaster in a wet layer thickness of 1 mm. MagnetPlaster is tack-free after about 4 hours. Wait until the MagnetPlaster is dry and apply any finishing coat. Leftover material can best be used for an additional layer.

MagnetPlaster can be painted over after approx. 12 hours

Watch the instruction video:

 Download the Technical Data Sheet

Safety & Environmental Data

MagnetPlaster Contains no VOC and is odourless. It is safe and meets international environmental standards and EU directives.

Download the Safety Data Sheet