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Paint for Pros

Paint For Pros SketchPaint Primer 1L (10m²)

Paint For Pros SketchPaint Primer 1L (10m²)


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Paint for Pros SketchPaint Primer is designed for use with SketchPro. It is a water-based non-hazardous white primer designed to prime the surface ready for SketchPro whiteboard paint application.

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Product Details

What's In The Tin?

Coverage as follows:

 Tin Size Coverage
1.0L 10.0m² 


How To Install?

The surface should be solid, clean, dry, and free of grease, dust and rust. Remove loose coats of paint and clean old coats of paint with a paint cleaner. Fill up any cracks and holes with a suitable filler and lightly sand the surface. Remove any fat, dirt and dust present with water and ammonia. If possible, sponge with clean water and let it dry well. Wallpaper to be painted must be firmly attached.

SketchPaint Primer can be applied on all usual mineral surfaces (plasters/renders, concrete, masonry), fibre cement, wood and derived timber products, gypsum finish, plaster boards, non-absorbent mineral and organic existing coatings as well as synthetics (PVC, polyester, formica) and metals (steel, zinc, aluminium, galvanized steel).

Before use, the product must be stirred intensively to a good homogeneity.

Cover adjacent surfaces in advance. For a nice result, apply the primer in long overlapping strips from top to bottom. Start at the side of the incidence of light and point the tip of the roller in the direction of rolling. For better adhesion, slightly scuff up the first layer of Primer with a scouring pad and remove the dust. Typically, one or two layers are sufficient. Within one hour, a second layer of SketchPaint Primer can be applied. Before applying SketchPaint, let the SketchPaint Primer dry for 2 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity

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Safety & Environmental Data

SketchPaint Primer is SketchPaint Primer is a white, quick-drying, high-quality water based indoor and outdoor wall primer based on an acrylic binder. It is odourless, non-toxic and lead-free

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