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Paint for Pros

Paint For Pro's SketchPro Transparent 1L (12m²)

Paint For Pro's SketchPro Transparent 1L (12m²)


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SketchPro is a revolutionary 1-component whiteboard paint that turns any smooth flat surface into a super-smooth and high-quality writable dry-erase area for work or play. Designed for professionals this product is a solvent-based paint that can be quickly and easily applied, has a fast curing time and long-lasting dry erase effect.

The unique composition makes SketchPro significantly smoother than other whiteboard paints, and has a super fast 24 hour curing time and long-lasting dry erase effect.

SketchPro has a high gloss TRANSPARENT finish. SketchPro can be applied over a white SketchPaint primer for a traditional WHITE effect, or painted over any colour of your choice, or even wood, to match or compliment existing décor.

Once cured the super smooth surface can then be written on with whiteboard markers and will wipe clean.

Combine SketchPro with MagnetPaint or MagnetPlaster for a magnetic writable solution. 

  • Spreads little to no odour
  • Use with SketchPaint Primer
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Cures in 24 hours
  • Provides a durable and strong surface with long-lasting easy-to-clean effect
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Product Details

What's In The Tin?

Paint for Pros SketchPro is a whiteboard paint like no other. Designed for professional installation, SketchPro is an ultra-high quality, fast curing solvent-based indoor finish lacquer based on a revolutionary moisture-curing binder system. The paint has an A+ indoor emission label and is lead-free.

It can be applied easily and spatter-free, in one layer to create a surface on which can be written with whiteboard markers. SketchPro is available as a high-gloss Transparent lacquer with outstanding efficiency, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, durability and washability. SketchPro provides your surface with an appearance-enhancing effect without discolouration or yellowing over time. With the use of our special SketchPaint Primer, SketchPaint can be combined with our MagnetPaint or MagnetPlaster to create a Magnetic whiteboard on your wall. Contains very few solvents

Unlike SketchPaint and other whiteboard paints (which are two-part formula) this product is a one-component paint that can be quickly and easily applied to any flat surface to create a whiteboard area. When tightly closed SketchPro can be stored after use and used for the next painting job. It is easy to apply on almost any surface and cures within 24 hours and is then ready to use.

Coverage as follows:

 Tin Size Coverage
1.0L 12.0m² 


How To Install?

SketchPRO should be applied using a high-quality lint-free roller suitable for solvent-based lacquers. Or with a high-density solvent-resistant foam roller for the smoothest result. SketchPRO can also be sprayed using Wagner XVLP spray technology. Used tools should be cleaned immediately after use with paint thinner.

The surface should be solid, clean, dry, and free of grease, dust and rust. Remove loose coats of paint and clean old coats of paint with a paint cleaner. Fill up any cracks and holes with a suitable filler and lightly sand the surface. Remove any fat, dirt and dust present with water and ammonia. If possible, sponge with clean water and let the surface dry well. Wallpaper to be painted must be firmly attached.

SketchPRO can be applied directly to any surface treated with a suitable primer. Preferably use our white SketchPaint Primer, or a coloured high-quality polyurethane-acrylic paint. For products that have to be written on, a smooth and even surface is critical.

SketchPRO should be applied at a temperature above +10°C and a relative humidity of 20-80%. For one layer, the theoretical consumption is 12-14m2 /L. The actual consumption depends on the state of the surface and the application method. Cover adjacent surfaces in advance and make sure the room and your roller are dust-free. Open the container and stir the contents well. SketchPRO does not need to be mixed with hardener, and has unlimited pot-life. Apply a thin layer of SketchPRO, with a clean roller in long lanes from top to bottom. Regularly check if the entire surface is covered. Always start on the side of the incidence of light and point the tip of your roller in the direction of painting. After applying one layer, remove the adjacent covering and tape within one hour to avoid damaging the edges. SketchPRO is tack-free within an hour, depending on the humidity level. SketchPaint dries faster at higher atmospheric humidity.

SketchPRO has a curing time of only 24 hours before it can be written on with dry-erase markers.

SketchPRO should be stored cool, dry, frost-free and in closed packaging. The shelf life in closed packaging is at least 36 months under the right storage conditions. A container of SketchPRO can be closed and used again, but is perishable after opening.

Watch the instruction video:

 Download the Technical Data Sheet

Safety & Environmental Data

EU VOC limit value for this product (2004/42/EC, cat iSB, 2010): 500 g/L. SketchPaint contains Max. 60 g/L VOC.

SketchPRO is in conformity with ROHS. Contains no substances classified as; carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic or classified with regard to environmental hazards, according to Regulation (EC) N0. 1272/2008. SketchPaint is free of formaldehyde, APEO, lead and asbestos. Fire class is determined as follows: B – s1,d0, in combination with our SketchPaint Primer

Download Safety Data Sheet